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Sustaining Circle Membership


Sustaining memberships provide us with a dependable source of funds to preserve, promote, and celebrate Deschutes history.

Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving

Join the growing family of Deschutes Historical Museum Sustaining Circle members who give generously each month to the museum. Sustaining members provide an ongoing, dependable source of funding that allows us to concentrate on the real work – preserving, promoting, and celebrating the history of Deschutes County.

Monthly giving is easy with convenient and secure withdrawals from your credit or debit card. You save time and money as you will never have to write another check or find another stamp! Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your support is helping reduce the museum’s administrative costs immensely. Your contribution fully supports the development of unique and outstanding programs, exhibits, and events. 

Rest assured, you’re in control. You can change or stop your payments at any time by calling us at 541-389-1813. Your membership is always active, so you never have to look back and see when you last gave to DCHS. You will receive fewer mailings asking for support and you will have more time to enjoy the array of new exhibits and programming coming your way.

It’s affordable. Spreading your support throughout the year is easier on your budget. And you get to choose your monthly contribution amount. Plus it gives DCHS the security of a steady, reliable stream of income. Please use this online form to enroll for the first time as a Sustaining Member.

Monthly gifts are processed around the 15th of each month.


Helps fund tours for school and senior citizen groups.


Provides funds to manage the day-to-day operations of the museum.


Provides us with the resources to develop relevant and compelling exhibits.


Helps fund speakers’ expenses for opening exhibits and monthly History Pub series.


Helps us maintain a digital and material collection of historic Deschutes County artifacts.


Helps us purchase archival quality supplies and materials.