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Klunkers and Stumpjumpers

Once upon a time, Klunker bikes gathered at the base of an undeveloped Awbrey Butte. Members of Klisters Corner and the Black Rock Riders put in hours on their klunkers, ‘dirt bombing’ down old logging roads on bikes never meant for such terrain and returning with skinned legs and arms, and grins from ear to ear. Their exploratory journeys formed the basis for mountain biking history in Central Oregon. Using journals, sketches, early prototypes and gear from the pioneers of this now modern sport,

Klunkers and Stumpjumpers: A History on Two Wheels invites visitors to step back in time when there were only trails to be blazed.

Permanent Exhibits

Cruisin’ 97: Travel and Tourism, 1930-60

Discover a time when neon signs,drive-ins, and roadside attractions greeted visitors as they wound their way from Smith Rock State Park through downtown Redmond and Bend and past Lava Butte.

The exhibit is funded by a grant from the Bend Cultural Tourism Fund and an Oregon Museum Grant.

Ms. Reid's Classroom

Go to school like it’s 1914!
Try your hand at cursive on the chalkboard and discover what it was like to be a student in 1914. Think you could pass the test? Take our diploma questionnaire to find out.